And justice for psychopats?

Last Monday 7th September 2015, was quite an emotional day for me. The man who has been terrorising my wife and by default our little family for the last 7 years, was put on trial for having given his former girlfriend the same treatment as he gave his then wife years before. His wife left him because of the years of physical and mental abuse, because of the many women with whom he cheated on her, because of the many days and nights she was left alone to raise their three children, because of the lies he had been telling her every single day about the most trivial things, because of his dominant ego that did not allow challenge, because of his unrelenting alcohol abuse, and for many more reasons.

In previous posts I wrote about domestic violence, and about him. It turned out he had been cheating on his former girlfriend with at least 10 women at the same time when she found all the messages he sent them on his mobile phone, including close up videos of him ‘spanking the monkey’. When she confronted him with this in June 2014 he did not react, so she shoved him while he laid in bed. She wanted to provoke a reaction but she never expected him to react the way he did. The medical exam found bruises on her neck where he tried to strangle her, a broken eye orbit, a broken nose, a broken lower jaw, a concussion, several bruises and cuts, etc.. Their 5 kids (3 of him, 2 hers) saw her running with her blood-soaked front out of the bedroom… The kids saved her life by yelling and crying, which gave her the opportunity to escape out of the house.

So yesterday morning we gathered at the entrance of the Ghent courthouse to witness the fall of this violent man. His former girlfriend was of course there, as being his victim. Two colleagues and a friend of her were there too, as was I. My wife could not take the day off from work, but as a former victim she was continuously kept up-to-date by me via cellphone, and she could not concentrate on her work by the stress this event generated and the painful memories coming back to her.

First the counsellor for the victim started his plea. The accused had also filed a complaint against his victim saying she hit him, and she violated his privacy by opening his mail on his phone, trying to counter the charges against him. The victim confirmed she ‘hit’ him by giving him a shove after he refused to answer her questions about his many affairs she just found out. The judges seemed well informed about the case, and listened attentively to the victim’s counselor plea.

Then came the prosecutor. The courtroom went quiet when the prosecutor demanded a jail sentence of 10 months, a fine (I could not clearly understand the amount), and all charges against the victim dropped. My confidence in Belgian justice has always been close to nonexistent after all the years we lived in terror by this guy without justice nor police intervening despite our numerous complaints (they even dropped the case when my wife was hit unconscious on the street in front of their own children two years after their divorce), but the prosecutors stance revived my hopes.

And then it was the turn of the defendant’s counselor to plea. She demanded the court that the charges against her client would be dropped, and that his victim would be convicted because it was she who hit him first, and he couldn’t respond in no other way than hitting her back, thus making it legal self-defense. The counselor admitted that her client was not physically hurt by the ‘hits’ of his then-girlfriend, but abstraction should be made from the incurred consequences. The faces of the judges changed into disbelief. The President of the Court started attacking the defendant’s counselor, asking if she had clearly seen the pictures of his victim, and if she was trying in any way to deny the horrible things her client had done to his victim? The counselor stammered and tried to talk herself out of this but to no avail, the President was clearly irritated and agitated by her plea.

The defendant was given the chance to speak up, and the judges seemed at first rather friendly, asking him if he had anything to add to his counselor’s plea. He started to apologize for what happened to his victim, but explained he had suffered so much in the past year because of his name being dragged trough the mud and his ex-wife giving him a hard time. The President asked him if he really felt sorry, and the accused confirmed. Then the president asked him how this could be reconciled with the fact that he pleaded not guilty and indicted his victim for having committed a crime against him. How could you feel sorry when you tried to invoke legitimate self-defense? Why feel sorry if you say you did nothing wrong? The accused was cornered and could not find the words any more, for every time he declared something the President attacked him on that. It was a rather unfair fight but it raised my spirits.

During the verbal beating by the President all the lies and flaws in the story of the defendant were uncovered, one by one, and in the end no one present in the courtroom could believe any word of that man any more. He tried to explain that his alcohol abuse was the fault of his ex-wife who left him, the same for his sex-addiction. But that he went to a psychiatrist to let himself be helped. Direct questions by the President as to who did the therapy and where and when were answered by evasive responses, just like all questions asked by the judges. It all became too much for him and he asked the court to be allowed to be seated for he felt ’sick’. When asked a direct question about his cheating he tried to get off the hook by stating that he would not answer that question “out of respect” for his ex-girlfriend. And he tried to wriggle himself out a few times by saying that he would give ‘one example’ but that the same happened dozens of times. I thought every time again the President of the Court would explode. He demanded proof but none could be given by the accused, even not a simple proof of the one example the defendant brought up.

This was clearly one of the few times in his life he did not manage to impress a counterpart by his lies, a completely new situation for him I guess. The standard tactic of him had always been to give a little example, mostly a lie, and then to emphasise the same had happened so many times he could give dozens of examples. This sometimes followed by the statement that he would not do that ‘out of respect’ for this or that person, that way closing off any further inquiries into that matter and selling his lies as a credible fact. As long as people did not go to much into detail he managed to keep up the smoke curtain. Whenever people asked too many questions, he just broke off contact, or in the case of women, he just beat them up if he got a chance.

The defendant lost his arrogance, convinced of his righteousness at the start of the court session, and broke up in tears. Completely overwhelmed by frustration of not being able to show the judges his presumed innocence, and completely cornered by his own contradicting words that led the judges not to believe any word from him any more. He sat down repeatedly rubbing his face in his hands. It was quite an emotional sight for me to see this, and tears flowed from my cheeks as all the pains and fears incurred in the past seven years seemed to come out. Of course his tears were not out of remorse, they were tears out of self-pity for the whole world seemed to be against him with nobody understanding nor believing him.

The court concluded the accused always took the time to scrutinize others to lay the blame upon them, but constantly avoided to look at himself and to search for the reasons of his problems in his own behavior. And he clearly did not show any genuine regrets about what happened. The defendant replied in tears he was sorry, but the President pointed out the complaints he filed just two months before against his victim (he did this one year after the facts and after having read the charges against him, so he could counter the charges by trying to blame the other – bad move…) and his demand he would be exonerated while she should be punished.

Just when the President wanted to finish the hearings the prosecutor intervened. Dismayed by the pertinent lies and the complete lack of any sense of guilt by the defendant, she demanded that the jail sentence should be given effectively, and that she would strongly oppose a suspended sentence.

We, friends of the victim, stood up and positioned ourselves in the corridor the defendant would have to use to leave the courtroom, thus forcing him to look into our eyes as he passed us. I have never seen him looking so pale and shocked. The fact that he could be punished for his deeds was unthinkable for him, he always looked at his surroundings as ‘him against the world’, or rather ‘the world against him’, but with him being the best and smartest, superior to all and invincible.

Unsurprisingly no one turned up at court to support him. With so many women thinking he was having a relationship with them, with all his family, friends and colleagues, at least someone should have offered to show up to comfort him. Many of them knew he had to appear in court that day, I made sure they knew… Surely he told them off, with whatever excuse for he absolutely did not want others to hear the truth about him. Especially his relatives and his drinking buddies hiding under the pseudo-philantropic organisation called Kiwanis Gent disappointed me. The Kiwanis declared, when confronted by the last beaten-up victim (she showed up at one of their meetings with her bruises, swollen lips, darkened eyes, her facial cuts) of their candidate-chairman that: “their friend and colleague was in need, and they would do whatever they could to help him”. Never mind the victims thus… But maybe they were too scared to find out the truth about him in court?

The court will present the final sentence on the – for us – historical day of September 21st, 2015.

Last Friday I sent the defendant a mail with a prediction. My prediction was he would be convicted by court, and that he himself would help the court convict him. My prediction came true. His own lies and contradictory declarations served him badly, as did his poor attempt to reverse charges on his victim.

I will make sure the world knows what he has done, and what his punishment is. Even if I do know I might be breaking the law doing this. But when we needed the law to protect us, they were not there, except for seven years later and for another one of his victims. Last time my wife filed complaint against him for stalking (at least once a week he sends text messages in the middle of the night usually starting with something like “I love you even more than before”, and ending up one hour later with: “you bitch, you killed your family!!”) the police told her “to come back in one year if he persisted in his behavior”. But if he expects this to be the last lawsuit against him, I can reassure him this is just the beginning. Our children need protection from this monster. As do his future victims, which could be any living woman on earth.

We will not forgive. We will not forget. Expect us.

Love ❤️, yann.

Aren’t we all sluts?

The bathroom – Iveta ©yannbastiaans

Most women are sluts.. They are the good ones. Just like most men are sluts, and just like I am – being a sexual active male – a slut. I never understood what was wrong with being a slut? What is a slut? Is it someone who likes to have sex? Is that wrong? Isn’t sexuality a major part of our being, of our existence?

Without sex there would be almost nothing in this world. No trees, no bees, no flowers, no animals, no humans, etc.. Without sex we wouldn’t be here to have this – in my opinion – absurd discussion. I said ‘absurd’, but by no means ‘unnecessary’. The self-crowned moralists of this world have decreed sex as being something bad, something obscene, something taboo, thus negating the only reason they exist.

‘Slut Walk’ – Washington DC 2012

Why did I say sluts are the good ones? Because they are the people that are in harmony with themselves. They accept the fact that a whole part of their being is their sexuality. From nature’s point of view we are just sex. So why are there too many people giggling, or even worse: getting upset when confronted with sex? Every normal and grown-up being in this world has sex, or should have sex. Even needs sex for many reasons. Whether it is sex with your husband our wife, or with your friend, or with some stranger, or with a group of people, irrespectively of gender, color or race.

©Terre des Femmes

When are these double standards about people liking to have sex going to disappear? When a man has a lot of sex he is a hero, a king, a boss, and he can even talk and sing about it. When a woman says she enjoys sex, or even attempts to do 1/10th of what a man does, she is branded a slut. Why is that? Where is the equality?

I do like sex. Not just with anybody, but when the person is right, I love it. And I might engage in sex with several people at the same time, as long as my partner is consenting. Some people like it this way, others like it that way, but isn’t that just the beauty of our world: diversity? And there is nothing wrong with liking it this or that way, it is not going to hurt me if two (or more) adults have sex their way with mutual consent. So I see no reason to judge those people, the only thing I might say is: “it is not the way I like it”. Nothing more.

©Terre des Femmes

There is nothing negative about a human being, be it a woman or a man, having sexual fantasies, or fulfilling those fantasies. As long as it is with respect for the other(s) participating, and with consent, there is no wrong. Women’s liberation still has to go a long way. Discrimination has no place in our time. A woman can look for sexual satisfaction as much as a man can, and it is just natural, a part of our life. So people, get over it, just be happy, mind your own business and let others live their sexuality as they feel like. As free and liberated human beings. And pursue your own sexual satisfaction, for that is your sole responsibility.

©Terre des Femmes

As for me, I brand myself as a ‘slut’, out of solidarity with all the women being looked upon when they dare to admit they like sex. Yes, definitely, I am a big slut, and I wear this name with pride.

Love ❤️, yann.

Looking back

The fair in Popovo (BG) at the beginning of June

It is now a bit more than a year since I started living here in Bulgaria, after having left Belgium a bit discouraged. Or maybe also a bit disgusted by that country and its citizens. The acidification of society, the corruption of politics, the almost non-existent justice (except for the rich), the disproportional taxes.. All these factors, and then some, made me decide to leave that country and look for peace and rest in a corner of the European Union. Not that politicians are not corrupt here, but at least I don’t have to spend more than half of my income sponsoring their secret schemes anymore.

But today I started asking myself if this was a good decision I made, if Bulgaria really gave me what I expected from it. And I think I can say I’m still happy with my decision. Of course nothing is black or white, but adding everything together I found what I was looking for. Some things I really do miss, some I really don’t. Maybe the big difference with other people is that I never really grew up in Belgium, nor have I lived long in the same country nor region. I moved over 20 times in my life, and most of the moves were to completely different regions or countries, sometimes separated by hundreds of miles. So I didn’t grow those roots most people seem to have, nor do I have an allegiance to death with any country, despite having served the Belgian armed forces dutifully during seven years of my life.

Waterfall along the eco-trail near Emen (BG)

Bulgaria has been very welcoming for me. In the beginning I was surrounded by wrong people, luring expats into their money-making maffia-practices, but once I managed to get rid of those people I got submerged in the Bulgarian culture. Most credits should be given to Emo, my neighbour who offered his services as builder once I threw out the whole maffia-gang. As we grew closer by working together, we became friends and he became my window on Bulgaria. Of course there is also Yoana, the woman who works on the administrative side for expats who hire her for her outstanding services, and whom I also befriended. Someone like her is invaluable in a country which not only speaks a difficult language, but also writes in a different alphabet.

Since the very first day the language has been the biggest obstacle to surmount, and it still is hampering my efforts to build an extensive social life here. People mastering the English (or French, German, Spanish) language are rare over here, but maybe that is an advantage pushing me to learn the language faster. Now I manage to express my wants, but I’m still a long way of being able to have an intimate conversation about feelings, and that makes me sometimes a bit sad as this is the main (and only I guess) way to really connect with people. After a long search I found someone to teach me Bulgarian (and does speak the English language well), but it is not an easy language to learn.

My neighbor playing on my guitar in front of my trailer :)
My neighbor playing guitar.

What provides me the most happiness is the peace and the silence. No cars racing by, no planes flying overhead, no trains thundering by. Just the sounds of people walking on the street, the voices of people sitting on a bench beside the wall at the gate of my property under the shade of a big tree, the animals grazing around between the houses, the occasional cart with horse passing by, and sometimes the Bulgarian or Turkish music from a stereo a few houses away when the people are happy. Of course there is a car passing my house once in a while, but no more than 4 on a busy day, and in the season there is an old Russian biplane with a star engine making a deep growling noise maneuvering over the village to spray the crops in the huge fields, but this sound is rather welcoming as it is rather seldom. Nature over here is uplifting for me, and the notion I can go anywhere, without fences, private properties or prohibited areas and knowing that whomever I shall meet will be friendly and hospitable is heartwarming. On the premise I can make myself understandable of course ?

Slowly I start to attune to the rhythm of nature, and though I never had green fingers, I start to work in my garden more often, reaping the fruits trees and plants freely offer me. I prune trees and vines as if I was a semi-pro, and harvest the strawberries and cherries that are waiting to be picked this month. These I cook and then dry the jam-like substance in my dehydrator to preserve the abundant quantities for later on in the year. I try to keep on schedule for once the cherries and strawberries are gone the raspberries, apples, pears, plums, apricots, grapes and peaches will grow ripe and then I fear I will have to work day and night to process the vast quantities nature freely offers me.

A very old cemetery.. (BG)

My decision to buy a motorcycle with off-road capabilities was a good one. It enables me to recon the area, and reach places I never would have visited with my car. Just driving around in a car with no specific goal, turning around when something catches my attention, engaging a dirt road trough the fields and woods, is no thing I would have done, but the motorcycle lets me do all that when I drive around at leisure with no specific goal other than enjoying myself and discovering new places. My motorcycle reinforces my feeling of uninhibited freedom this country offers me.

The downside is I did not manage to convince my family and friends to move over here ?. So I do miss them, and being able to see them from time to time via FaceTime or Skype is reassuring. And of course I travel to Belgium regularly, as the people I do love with all of my heart are living there. Often someone drops by on a visit, and the last weeks my neighbor and his son-in-law were busy rebuilding my guesthouse next to my house. That will eliminate the need to shelter my guests in my trailer, as luxurious as it is, but a house feels more comfortable and cosy. Once ready it will have its own toilet and shower, a little kitchen and a living room. And the two houses are connected via the half-basement which functions as my huge living room, so even on cold or rainy days there is no need to go outside to meet. Due to the thick walls in sandstone and clay the temperatures are reasonable indoors during the hot summers. Down in the half-basement the temperature is always pleasing: warm in winter, fresh during summer. That is why I made it my living room, with a soon-to-be built rocket mass heater for heating the house in the cold winter days.

Storks are omnipresent (BG)

Most of all I miss my partner. She is a courageous and superb woman, often having to handle the problems she encounters by herself due to my frequent absence. Sometimes that makes me feel guilty. And of course lots of people do not understand the symbiosis between us, as we are not living the ‘standard’ life a couple is supposed to live by general standards. But we are happy, and we manage, and there is no ‘standard’ way a couple should behave, it is all about agreement between two people. Some have an open marriage, some have a conservative relationship, some live apart together, some cannot spend a minute without each other.. Whatever works and makes these two people happy, and it is no one else’s business. But I do miss her ? And we often travel to see each other. She likes it here, and I try to like it in Belgium.

Church in a little monastery near Veliko Tarnovo (BG)

Little by little I get to know more and more local people, I get invited to parties and celebrations, and so my horizon is expanding and I get immersed in the Bulgarian culture. I have no doubts about staying here, just the evolution of civilization worries me a bit, and I fear it will catch up with the Bulgarian countryside in a few decades. But I might not be in this world any more by then, so there is no reason to worry about that yet. And if it happens and starts to bother me, I just might move on to a further place.

Love ❤️, yann.

Monsters & Co.

These days should be wonderful days for me. They are, but things are nagging in my mind, and are disturbing my peace of mind. After two days of rain and wind the temperatures are rising again towards 28°C, and the sun is shining. I have been busy working in the garden, collecting the first fruit of the season like cherries and strawberries, making fruit leather in the dehydrator of them. Last season 90% of the fruit my garden produced was left to rot, because there is no way I can consume these large amounts of fruits. But now, by dehydrating them, I can store them for the next months and eat them at my own pace.

Instituut-voor-Rechten-Vrouwe_Justitia_shThe good news I received is that Belgian justice finally decided to prosecute my wife’s ‘lovely ex’, as I tend to call him in a vain attempt to make the thought of him nicer than the monster he is. The Belgian State prosecutes him in front of the Criminal Court for having hit his ex-girlfriend. It is a miracle! My wife was repeatedly hit by him, ended up in a hospital last time he got aggressive at a ‘chance’ meeting in the street some two years after their divorce, but at that time the court dismissed the case stating he was ‘provoqued’. We got the impression his lawyer had a rather well-functioning ‘old boys’ network’ which he used to get his client off the hook.

Chances he would be prosecuted in court for the beating of his last girlfriend were rather slim. Despite her injuries, like a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and flesh wounds in the face, it initially seemed nothing much would be done about this guy’s behavior by justice. Fortunately, she being a lawyer having worked for the United Nations and thus being well-connected, her case got the attention of higher-placed judicial authorities. But that makes me wonder what would have happened if she just had been a ‘simple’ housewife or cashier at a grocery store, and the thought that nothing much would have happened in that case sends shivers down my spine.

fviolence5This guy needs not to be underestimated. Like most psychopaths he managed to work his way up on the social and professional ladder. After having served many years as a high-ranking manager of Microsoft Belgium, which job gave him the opportunity to meet with politicians and CEO’s, he resigned from the job and started a small company as free-lance consultant. Well, many people doubt he left Microsoft of his own free will, probably his job was terminated because his aggressive behavior got out of control between colleagues too. But as yet we have no proof of that, maybe this will also be revealed during the court action. But still he is roaming around in higher circles, selling his stories and innocent front to all who want to hear.

He almost managed last year to be elected chairman of the local Kiwani’s, unfortunately for him his ex-girlfriend showed up at one of their meetings two days after she was almost beaten to death with her face showing all colors from black to red and blue. While being a rather popular member of that old boys’ drinking group hiding themselves behind an altruistic purpose that is only a diversion, some members got doubts and the chairman-to-be wasn’t retained any more as a candidate. Soon after her passage at these guys socializing party the ranks slowly closed, believing more and more his side of the story. Their official declaration was that “one of our members and good friend is in trouble and in dire need of help, and we are here to help him”. Never mind the victim was left on her own and never again she heard from the little club. His story was that he thought she was a burglar, and that is why he first tried to strangle her, and when she blacked out and he got alarmed by the cries and banging of their 5 respective kids on the bedroom door, he just started beating her face up.

His drinking buddies at Kiwanis Gent think it is he who needs help, not his victims.

A year got by since the aggression, and he undoubtably was the last to think justice would sue him in front of a court. He got back to his old habits, writing his ex-wife (my wife) messages in the middle of the night as he always did when he got drunk again. Never mind her having filed complaint after complaint at the local police for harassment and stalking, he every time just got silent for a month and then the whole thing started over again. The police told her last time she filed a complaint that if it continued, she could get back for the next complaint in a year. In one year! We get those messages in the dead of night, waking us up and worrying about what he might do to our family, but the police, well..

The essence of his messages is he wants his ex back, following the principle of anoint and beat. One message is he loves her so much, the next one is that she ‘killed’ her family by leaving him. And she never gave him a chance to show who he really is. A bit pathetic if you consider he is a man who beats every woman that dares to question his actions. Not men, they are too strong for him. Just women.. And to show he really loves her he tries to convince her he is a completely changed man. A bit contradictory if he first tries to persuade her he did nothing wrong, but is was she who was wrong. When she just left him he told her he had found ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’. They had changed him, and they forgave him. But we could never understand this because we were no true believers.. I still have this mail from him telling us exactly that.

He is a manager in this company since he left Microsoft.

Last night he sent her a message on her phone at 1AM with two words: “Regarding Henry”. For those who don’t remember the movie, it is about an ambitious, narcissistic and unethical lawyer who has no time for his family. After being shot during a robbery in a grocery store he can hardly move, cannot talk, and suffers amnesia. Due to the loving care and patience of his wife and daughter he gets better and slowly regains his abilities. And he realises he is a completely changed man, seeing the beauty of the things around him and the love his family has for him. So in the end they become a loving and harmonious family again. Probably our psychopath wants to tell again to his ex, my wife, after 7 years of divorce, that he is a completely changed man. And if you can read between the lines comes that reproach again, as always, that she gave him no second/third/fourth/fifth/etc.. chance.

It is imaginable the Criminal Court order to appear on the 15th of june 2015 for the preliminary hearings truly was a shock for him. He could never have imagined this happening, as every time he did something nothing happened, giving him the impression he did nothing wrong, and reinforcing his idea he was right and all those people being against him were just making a fuss. That led him to perceive himself as invincible and untouchable, making his actions more and more aggressive.

anonymousWhat the outcome of the Criminal Court will be we don’t know. I hope he will be subjected to psychological tests where his anti-social personality disorder can be established as psychopathy is named nowadays. And ensuing that he will be incarcerated for indefinite treatment. Treatment for a disability no one can be treated for, because it is not a disease, it is a malfunctioning of the brain. But I guess my hopes will be vain.

If not stopped, this man’s actions will grow bolder and bloodier, for every acquittal by the judicial system strengthens his idea he is right, and all others are wrong. But that is the way our courts are cultivating monsters. Despite my conviction Belgian courts are corrupt, whether due to lack of funding by the politicians, whether due to the ensuing lack of resources, or whether due to behind-the-curtain schemes of the magistrates and politicians, I still do hope he will not evade his punishment. For rumors tell me he made a lot of enemies in his life, and those enemies are now patiently waiting for a verdict. And I’m afraid justice will be done somehow..

Love ❤️, yann.

When Love hurts…


The first day we met.. I got infatuated by her smile ?

When Love hurts…

When love is there galore

And happiness befalls both

But then a monster gets between you

A monster cunning and sly

Nothing else is left to be said

For one is blind and trustful

And the other is defeated

Nothing else can be done

But to say “I love you”

And let the roads part

I love you ❤️


Unlawful absurdity legalized in a Belgian town

View on the city of Ronse (B)

The mayor of the Belgian city of Ronse issued a new decree. Any one finding himself in a public place within the city limits holding an opened can of beer or soda can be subject to a fine up to 375 euros (!). This via the system of “GAS-fines” (read my article named “And justice for all” – 27th March 2015) instated by the government so citizens can be fined by lower municipal officials avoiding the hassle to give people a fair trial in front of courts, and giving the power to mayors to decide what they define as unlawful behavior even if that is not written in any voted law, and sometimes even contradicting current laws. Every locality in Belgium has now its own do’s and don’t’s and nobody is ever able to know the peculiarities of every place in the country, so everybody is a potential sponsor for this illegal money-making scheme set up by our national politicians.

The latest nightmare of the mayor of Ronse seeing himself engulfed by soda cans when stepping out of his office.

The mayor of Ronse declared he took the decision because of the nuisance caused by certain people buying cans of beer and soda and then throwing it away in parks or on the street. It seems to me that now every one drinking a soda on the street is designated as a criminal by his decree. As far as I know we already have laws against illegal dumping of trash, maybe vigorously enforcing this law would be the more sensible thing to do?

The mayor insisted that not all bearers of opened cans would be fined, and even the amount of the fine would be subject to the evaluation of the fining official. When I grew up I was taught that laws and rules apply to every one, now I can imagine people being discriminated for color or race in all impunity, or people being fined whenever an official has a bad hair day or some quarrel with his spouse at home.

Big irony is that the city of Ronse is promoting herself for tourism with offering visitors regional beers. So whenever one of these tourists dares to open one of these bottles or cans he just received from Ronse with a smile… the city can recoup her investment in the gifts right on the spot!

The artist making artwork from empty soda cans was cordially invited by the city of Ronse, the city expecting a huge boost in its finances counting the used cans x 375€

Where is Belgium heading to? Where is the silent majority except accepting politicians to instate an illegal and unconstitutional system to fine and punish citizens? Where is the equilibrium, where is the neutrality and the blindfold of lady Justice? Where is the people’s voice of those same people who are supposed to be protected of the state’s arbitrariness by their laws? Why is there so much apathy?

Love ❤️