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These days should be wonderful days for me. They are, but things are nagging in my mind, and are disturbing my peace of mind. After two days of rain and wind the temperatures are rising again towards 28°C, and the sun is shining. I have been busy working in the garden, collecting the first fruit of the season like cherries and strawberries, making fruit leather in the dehydrator of them. Last season 90% of the fruit my garden produced was left to rot, because there is no way I can consume these large amounts of fruits. But now, by dehydrating them, I can store them for the next months and eat them at my own pace.

Instituut-voor-Rechten-Vrouwe_Justitia_shThe good news I received is that Belgian justice finally decided to prosecute my wife’s ‘lovely ex’, as I tend to call him in a vain attempt to make the thought of him nicer than the monster he is. The Belgian State prosecutes him in front of the Criminal Court for having hit his ex-girlfriend. It is a miracle! My wife was repeatedly hit by him, ended up in a hospital last time he got aggressive at a ‘chance’ meeting in the street some two years after their divorce, but at that time the court dismissed the case stating he was ‘provoqued’. We got the impression his lawyer had a rather well-functioning ‘old boys’ network’ which he used to get his client off the hook.

Chances he would be prosecuted in court for the beating of his last girlfriend were rather slim. Despite her injuries, like a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and flesh wounds in the face, it initially seemed nothing much would be done about this guy’s behavior by justice. Fortunately, she being a lawyer having worked for the United Nations and thus being well-connected, her case got the attention of higher-placed judicial authorities. But that makes me wonder what would have happened if she just had been a ‘simple’ housewife or cashier at a grocery store, and the thought that nothing much would have happened in that case sends shivers down my spine.

fviolence5This guy needs not to be underestimated. Like most psychopaths he managed to work his way up on the social and professional ladder. After having served many years as a high-ranking manager of Microsoft Belgium, which job gave him the opportunity to meet with politicians and CEO’s, he resigned from the job and started a small company as free-lance consultant. Well, many people doubt he left Microsoft of his own free will, probably his job was terminated because his aggressive behavior got out of control between colleagues too. But as yet we have no proof of that, maybe this will also be revealed during the court action. But still he is roaming around in higher circles, selling his stories and innocent front to all who want to hear.

He almost managed last year to be elected chairman of the local Kiwani’s, unfortunately for him his ex-girlfriend showed up at one of their meetings two days after she was almost beaten to death with her face showing all colors from black to red and blue. While being a rather popular member of that old boys’ drinking group hiding themselves behind an altruistic purpose that is only a diversion, some members got doubts and the chairman-to-be wasn’t retained any more as a candidate. Soon after her passage at these guys socializing party the ranks slowly closed, believing more and more his side of the story. Their official declaration was that “one of our members and good friend is in trouble and in dire need of help, and we are here to help him”. Never mind the victim was left on her own and never again she heard from the little club. His story was that he thought she was a burglar, and that is why he first tried to strangle her, and when she blacked out and he got alarmed by the cries and banging of their 5 respective kids on the bedroom door, he just started beating her face up.

His drinking buddies at Kiwanis Gent think it is he who needs help, not his victims.

A year got by since the aggression, and he undoubtably was the last to think justice would sue him in front of a court. He got back to his old habits, writing his ex-wife (my wife) messages in the middle of the night as he always did when he got drunk again. Never mind her having filed complaint after complaint at the local police for harassment and stalking, he every time just got silent for a month and then the whole thing started over again. The police told her last time she filed a complaint that if it continued, she could get back for the next complaint in a year. In one year! We get those messages in the dead of night, waking us up and worrying about what he might do to our family, but the police, well..

The essence of his messages is he wants his ex back, following the principle of anoint and beat. One message is he loves her so much, the next one is that she ‘killed’ her family by leaving him. And she never gave him a chance to show who he really is. A bit pathetic if you consider he is a man who beats every woman that dares to question his actions. Not men, they are too strong for him. Just women.. And to show he really loves her he tries to convince her he is a completely changed man. A bit contradictory if he first tries to persuade her he did nothing wrong, but is was she who was wrong. When she just left him he told her he had found ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’. They had changed him, and they forgave him. But we could never understand this because we were no true believers.. I still have this mail from him telling us exactly that.

He is a manager in this company since he left Microsoft.

Last night he sent her a message on her phone at 1AM with two words: “Regarding Henry”. For those who don’t remember the movie, it is about an ambitious, narcissistic and unethical lawyer who has no time for his family. After being shot during a robbery in a grocery store he can hardly move, cannot talk, and suffers amnesia. Due to the loving care and patience of his wife and daughter he gets better and slowly regains his abilities. And he realises he is a completely changed man, seeing the beauty of the things around him and the love his family has for him. So in the end they become a loving and harmonious family again. Probably our psychopath wants to tell again to his ex, my wife, after 7 years of divorce, that he is a completely changed man. And if you can read between the lines comes that reproach again, as always, that she gave him no second/third/fourth/fifth/etc.. chance.

It is imaginable the Criminal Court order to appear on the 15th of june 2015 for the preliminary hearings truly was a shock for him. He could never have imagined this happening, as every time he did something nothing happened, giving him the impression he did nothing wrong, and reinforcing his idea he was right and all those people being against him were just making a fuss. That led him to perceive himself as invincible and untouchable, making his actions more and more aggressive.

anonymousWhat the outcome of the Criminal Court will be we don’t know. I hope he will be subjected to psychological tests where his anti-social personality disorder can be established as psychopathy is named nowadays. And ensuing that he will be incarcerated for indefinite treatment. Treatment for a disability no one can be treated for, because it is not a disease, it is a malfunctioning of the brain. But I guess my hopes will be vain.

If not stopped, this man’s actions will grow bolder and bloodier, for every acquittal by the judicial system strengthens his idea he is right, and all others are wrong. But that is the way our courts are cultivating monsters. Despite my conviction Belgian courts are corrupt, whether due to lack of funding by the politicians, whether due to the ensuing lack of resources, or whether due to behind-the-curtain schemes of the magistrates and politicians, I still do hope he will not evade his punishment. For rumors tell me he made a lot of enemies in his life, and those enemies are now patiently waiting for a verdict. And I’m afraid justice will be done somehow..

Love ❤️, yann.

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