Belgian Justice corrupt? Noooo! ?

anti-domestic-violence-the-kitchen-small-82253In June 2014 police in the Ghent region (Belgium) received an emergency call from a woman whose face was beaten to pulp by her partner. They arrived in full force with three police vans at their house and took the man in custody. She was brought to a hospital where was determined she had a broken jaw and a broken eye socket. In addition to that she suffered from major hematoma all over her face, and some cuts. It was all a bloody mess, the front of her shirt was torn and red.

His ex wife was called by the police at 7AM, just after they stormed the house, to go fetch her 3 children (aged 13,11 and 10) who were staying with him at that moment since they were co-parenting since their divorce six years earlier. The children were duly impressed, they were woken up by the cries for help from their dad’s newest partner whom he had a relationship with since three years. Her 2 children (aged 10 and 9) were also present in the house during the drama, and it was the banging and yelling of the children at the locked door of the parental bedroom that offered the beaten-up woman a chance to evade her assailant.

19She declared to the police she sat on his bedside that sunny morning, next to him who was pretending to sleep, when she confronted him with mails he sent to other women. In these mails he wrote in rather foul and demeaning language to these women, in accordance with his dominant sexual appetite. Often he added a video in attachment of him vigorously masturbating. She knew he was cheating on her since quite a while, and while she accepted he needed more sexual partners she did not appreciate his lies and deceit around it. But those messages, and the language contained therein, shocked her gravely. When she told him – still feigning being asleep – that she was rather disturbed by the tone of his sexual adventures, he jumped out of bed, hit her, and ran to lock the bedroom door. Thereafter he straddled her and started to strangle her by choking her windpipe with both hands, banging the back of her head on the floor.

The kids woke up by the noise of the struggle taking place in the room next door. They started shouting after their respective parents, and banged shortly afterwards on their bedroom door. Probably this saved the woman, for he eased his grip on her throat right when her vision started to blur and turn black. She was losing consciousness. The rush of oxygen revived her and she managed to pry herself loose. Having lost his grip he started to beat her in the face with both fists, leading to the trauma described above. Meanwhile the cries, shouts and banging of the kids behind the door went in crescendo, and presumably this saved the victim for the second time. He apparently regained some of his senses and she managed to wriggle herself from under him. After having unlocked the door she fled outside, followed by the children who were in shock by the sight of the bloodied face and clothes of the woman. In the garden she managed to call the emergency services.

His initial statement at the police station was that he remembered little of what happened, beside admitting he beat her. A few days later he rejected this first statement and declared he thought at that time she was a burglar sitting on his bed and he wanted to protect himself and the children.

fviolence5That same day, barely a few hours after the drama, his ex wife received again a phone call from the police that she should return her children to him. This in accordance with the divorce agreement. That happened around 10AM. That same afternoon, at 2PM, he held a Birthday party for his second son in his house, where many kids and parents were invited to. Nothing in his attitude nor talk gave away the dramatic events that unfolded in exactly same place just a few hours before. According to his children and witnesses he was joyful and calm. In the few hours before the arrival of the guests he decorated the house and bought cakes and drinks for the Birthday party. When asked why his partner was absent he told his guests convincingly she was away for her work at the United Nations, where she held a job as a legal expert.

Already I can feel some of you being indignated over the fact that he was allowed to go back home after an attempted murder on his partner, and having beaten her up severely, a mere three hours after the facts. Often we read in newspapers, the same goes for Belgium, that people are kept in custody for a long while after having hurt their partner in a quite lesser way. What made him an exception? Especially if you know that this was not the first complaint against him for extreme violence.

During his marriage his ex wife filed complaint against him because he beat her, causing her to fall backwards on the floor, in the presence of their children. Two years after their divorce he beat her again when they met by chance on the street. He was bicycling with his children and she said hi to her children, which he did not accept. She was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a concussion and  hematoma in the face. During one of their divorce procedures the violence was put on the agenda by her lawyer, but the judge dismissed his behavior as having been ‘provoked’.

Woman being kidnapped and abusedBut this was also not the first time his newest girlfriend filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. In 2013 he pushed her into the deep pond in their garden, and pushed her head repeatedly under water, trying to drown her. This he did six consecutive times. She finally managed to get out of the cold water. But justice and the police saw no urgent reasons to react in any way to her allegations and no follow-up in this case was given. He managed to persuade her this was a bad mistake he made due to personal problems, and she unfortunately decided to give their relationship another try.

Today, a mere nine months after she left him because of the last beating, an investigating judge accompanied by police presented themselves at her front door (where she lives alone with her children). Due to a complaint where she is accused of having committed libel against him, the police came to seize her phones and computers. He effectively managed to rob her of any way of continuing her work as an independent counsellor for the United Nations and the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières.. Her crime? She informed a few months ago the CEO of the company he works for as a manager about the beating she received, accompanied by a self-portrait of her bloodied and mutilated face.

kiwanis_logo_575pxAnd she turned up at a meeting of ‘Kiwanis Ghent’, the organisation that pretends to be socially oriented for the sake of the destitute but rather is a decoy for wannabees to socialize with booze and promote their careers trough the ‘old boys network’. The present members were rather shocked to see her face, her swollen and purple lips, cheeks and eyes, and pledged to help her. Her  now ex-boyfriend stood then on the verge of being elected as new president of this Kiwanis chapter. Not longer than a week later Kiwanis Ghent reversed course and declared that their fellow member was in dire need of help, and that they would do everything in their power to support their suffering friend. His ex girlfriend never heard again from these bar knights with their silver mouths.

Again I can feel some of you getting indignated about the turn of events. At least that is the way I feel about this. And then pops the inevitable question into my mind, causing confusion and fear: could it be that the Belgian judicial system, including police, is corrupt? I can hardly believe this, but these events, and I could narrate some more ‘strange’ actions and verdicts by Belgian Justice that happened in our lives. Because the ‘ex wife’ is my wife since six years. And the psychopaths’ second victim became one of our best friends, after having been told by him during their whole relationship we were ‘terrorists’ and evil people she must avoid contact with, effectively shielding her from finding out the truth about his psychopathic character.

anonymousWhy is a man having been taken into custody with blood on his hands (literally) released a few hours after the crime, and how do we have to situate an organized police action led by an investigating judge, in a case of libel forcing themselves into a house to seize private computers in the presence of children? Where is the proportion in these cases? How does a serious physical crime relate to a mere verbal transgression by an individual? Where is the justification for these judicial steps?

The working of the Belgian police and justice was one more reason for me to go in voluntary exile, and thus to deny this corrupt State my tax contribution. That makes for at least three civil servants less getting their wages paid by the money they used to steal from me, as the total taxes in Belgium (including income tax, levies, VAT, etc..) amounted to two thirds of my income .

Be happy ?, yann.

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