They have no shame

In a Belgian newspaper appeared today an article about poverty among children in Belgium. The data are from 2012, and concludes that in that year, 16,7% of the youth under 18 lived in a family that had an income lower than the poverty threshold.

n-CHILD-POVERTY-large“Despite the global impact of the crisis the poverty levels in Belgium have remained stable, but the poverty risk for youth has slightly increased(..)” states a report from the Ministry of Social Security. “40% of the single-parent families live in poverty, but without child support and other tax benefits that number would amount to 60%”.

“These numbers clearly depict the importance of an efficient battle against social exclusion”, states the Secretary of State for Poverty Reduction and Equal Opportunities.

And me, I just grew silent by those numbers and statements.. And moments later, I felt the indignation grow inside me. How can a Secretary of State talk about ‘an efficient battle’ when so many families are victims of our hunger for profits? How can the Belgian people accept their leaders as competent and trustworthy when they are considering buying F-35 jet fighters for 5 billion euros, while so many people do not even have the right and means for a respectable and fulfilling life? Don’t they have any shame???

child-povertyMaybe the numbers are a bit too elusive for everyone to grasp. Suppose your kids are in a class of 25 pupils. Well, 4 (FOUR!) kids in that class live under the poverty threshold.. Is that in any way acceptable to you, while your kids at home are bickering between each other whose turn it is to put the plates and cutlery on the table for your nicely cooked evening meal? And if your kids go to University, remember that some of their co-students are homeless, for there are no less than 2400 homeless students in your little kingdom.

How can it be that you, the citizens of one of the richest countries in the world, pay the highest taxes in the whole wide world, and the politicians still manage to embezzle your trusted funds to provoke another deficit on the balance sheet, while some rich people (the 1%, remember) and multinationals get secret deals with the Belgian IRS getting exemptions on taxes everybody else has to pay, and while other people – including kids – are living in poverty? How can it be that you are so cowardly to shut up, just do your duty and vote, pay your taxes like obedient children, and just let this happen in your own back yard? While knowing that there are others, ‘the happy few’, who maximize their profits on the weakness of the people and just get richer and richer every day in a “legalized” way. And you even continue to march along when politicians break the news – with their grave and saddened faces – that taxes will be raised again for some more deficits need to be cleared.

your fear is their powerAgain, this horrible observation just confirmed my determination to pay never again taxes to the financial black hole called Belgian State. Every nation deserves its politicians, and I can confirm you deserved right. Go on putting the blame on the blacks or East-Europeans, the Muslims or Jews, the left or right wingers, the small business owners, the workers, or whomever, you are just playing the game the politicians want you to play for their own sake. And for their filled bank accounts.. Meanwhile be happy and don’t give a damn, the banks conduct business as usual and surely they can count on you if things go bad next time as you helped them out the time before? I am just happy in exile ?

Love, yann ❤️

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